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Neutralox Products


Ease of use, high effectiveness, and absolute reliability — Our products are built with the customer in mind.


Our Photoionisation Systems are designed to keep maintenance and operation requirements to a minimum. With their modular design, Neutralox odor control systems require little space, offer high reliability, and can be operated without interrupting your regular business operations.


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NEUTRALOX Photoionisation


Neutralox Photoionisation, also referred to as Photooxidation, basically works with UV-light and catalysts. The technology being on the market for 20 years, is an effective odor treatment process to mitigate all odors resulting from sewage and sludge treatment. Our treatment units shine equally well in handling both high loads of odor-causing agents (for instance, upwards of several hundred ppm of hydrogen sulfide) as well as odor loads which fluctuate.

Our Products in Action in Missoula, MT


Neutralox Photoionisation Systems meet the stringent odor control standards mandated for wastewater treatment plant upgrades.


Upon facing numerous odor complaints from the city and a Corrective Action Order from the County Health Department, officials from the Missoula Wastewater Treatment Plant were pressed to find an effective solution.


After conducting a successful pilot study of the Neutralox Photoionisation system, the City of Missoula permanently implemented Neutralox equipment for their wastewater treatment plant odor control upgrade.


Using Neutralox Photoionization technology for odor control, the Missoula Wastewater Treatment Plant was able to eliminate more than 99.8 % of odor-causing contaminants previously created during its operations, far-exceeding expectations.


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